Kleenex Jars

A Lillie Maeís Crafts original design by Brenda Greenwalt


Kleenex Jar

Read through all directions before beginning.



Wide Mouth Glass jar with canning lid,

Paint brush

Sea sponge

Paint Ė There are special paints for painting on glass, but you donít have to be limited by these, you can use regular acrylic paint also.

Clear lacquer

Metal primer (for metal lids)

Box of Kleenex

Lace, beads, ribbon, etc, (anything you want for decoration.



#1.  Wash bottle thoroughly in hot, soapy water and remove any labels being sure to also remove any glue residue. Dry with clean cloth. Itís very important that the bottle be very clean, or the paint wonít adhere properly.

#2.  Spray the entire bottle with a spray sealer

#3.  Paint bottle in this sequence:

a. Paint on 1 coat of buttermilk white paint; let dry completely

b. Spray on sealer; let dry thoroughly

c. Paint on 2nd coat of buttermilk white paint; let dry completely

d. Spray on sealer; let dry thoroughly


4.  Dip your sea sponge in the color of paint you have chosen for the top coat of your jar and press on jar.  Do this as often as you like until your jar is to your liking.  Let dry thoroughly.


5.  When completely dry, put the bottle into a cold oven; bring the temperature to 250 degrees. After 5 minutes turn the oven off. Allow the bottle to cool down in the oven. This will give the paint on the bottle a hard finish, resistant to heat and moisture.


6.  Decorate to your liking.



1.      Spray all parts of lid with metal primer and let dry.

2.      Paint on 2 coats; let dry thoroughly in-between each coat.


To load the Kleenex jar - When you purchase your next box of Kleenex, open from the side and remove the desired amount for your jar.  Your jar will not hold an entire box of Kleenex.  Fold the removed Kleenex in half and place in jar, pull the first one up.


To clean your Kleenex Jar - Do not submerge in water.  Wipe off with damp cloth.  Do NOT put in dishwasher.


Enjoy your beautiful finished bottle. Time to begin another one. Have fun!

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