Hanging Hearts


A Lillie Mae’s Crafts original design by Brenda Greenwalt


Hanging Hearts

Approximately 18-1/2 inches long

Read through all directions before beginning.

For illustrations of the different steps and techniques as well as the stitches visit my "Stitch 'n' Stuff" page on my website at http://www.lilliemaescrafts.com



Gingham material—blue, red, green & thread to match

Embroidery thread to match, blue, red, green

Emroidery thread—brown #433



Small wreath—2 to 2-1/2 inches width

Mark'B’ Gone/Disappearing fabric markers.

Warm and natural batting

Long 5" doll needle

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Card stock

Fray Check—optional

For Staining:  Instant coffee, vanilla extract, fragrance oil.

Sponge brush

Glass jar with lid for storing leftover staining material.


Outside Hearts

1.  Trace outside heart pattern on right side of doubled material with disappearing quilters or dressmaker’s pen, 3 different hearts, one on each color.

2.  Sew on tracing line completely around heart without leaving opening for stuffing.

3.  Cut out, with pinking shears, about 3/4 inch from sewn line.

4.  Shag the hearts by cutting into the edges almost to sewn edges, but far enough away so they won’t unravel. 

5.  If desired, put Fray Check around edges to prevent unraveling.

6.  In center make a small slit for stuffing.  (Be careful not to make it too big.  The inside heart pattern will have to be able to cover this.)

7.  Stuff pretty tightly.

Inside Hearts 

1.  On muslin, trace inside heart pattern with Mark B Gone pen.

2.  Using a light box or open window with lots of sun, trace words (Imagine Your Dream, Create Your Dream, Live Your Dream) on heart with Mark B Gone pen.

3.  Embroider words with a simple backstitch.

4.  Stain as below (in Base instructions) and bake as below. Step 4.


1.  Cut two pieces of muslin 3 inches wide x 18-1/2 inches long.

2.  Cut piece of warm and natural batting just a little bigger than above.

3.  Make staining mix—two mixes —1.  Mix 1/8 cup instant coffee with about 1 cup hot water, add 1 tsp vanilla and 1 tsp of scent or more if desired.  Shake to mix.  2.  Make a second mix but put in a bowl.

4.  Spray inside heart pattern muslin with embroidered words (above) with staining mix and dry in oven set at 200 degrees for 10 minutes.  Watch carefully, material can catch on fire.  I like mine more on the dark side so I do this twice.

5.  Dip the base piece 3” x 18-1/2” muslin in mix in bowl.  Let sit for as long as desired.  I like my more on the dark side so I let it sit for about 30 to 60 minutes.  Then hang to dry if you have the time. (To hang I attach pieces of thread on both sides of piece, take a plain wire hanger, bend the arms of it up, and then simple wrap the pieces of thread attached to the base around the arms of the hanger….hang to dry, but be careful, this does drip so put down a towel, etc.)


1.  Print off tag patterns on card stock.

2.  Using sunny window or light box, trace words and hearts onto tags.

3.  Spray tags with staining mixture and bake (as above in Base instructions, step 4).

4.  Punch hole with hole puncher.

I will usually bake several tags and then select the ones I prefer; therefore, I have given you several.  I have also

included a few blanks one so you may write your own tags.

 Let’s Put It All Together –  

1.  Thread the 3” x 18-1/2” piece of stained muslin through the small wreath.

2.  Double over warm and natural batting and sandwich between the doubled over 3” x 18-1/2” piece of stained muslin.

3.  With the #433 brown embroidery thread, sew with running stitch the 3”x 18-1/2” piece of stained muslin and warm and natural together.

4.  Sew the stained hearts with embroidered words to the center of the stuffed hearts again with a  running stitch.

4.  Tear a piece of material and 3-4 pieces of raffia and make bows for top of hearts.  Glue to top center.

5.  Position the 3 stuffed hearts on the base evenly and sew on with running stitches using the $433 brown embroidery thread.

6.  Tear pieces of each color of material 20 inches long, 1/2” wide, for center bows.  Tear smaller pieces, to wrap bows, 6 inches long x 1/2 inch wide.  Make raffia bow slightly smaller and tie to front with more raffia.  Glue bows and tags in place.  Glue Button to center to hide knots.


You're done with Hanging Hearts.  I hope you enjoyed making them as much as I enjoyed designing them. If you have any problems or questions at all, please don’t hesitate to email me or visit my "Stitch 'n' Stuff" page at http://www.lilliemaescrafts.com


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